Outage #482


Begins at: 2018-11-01 02:30:00 CET
Duration: 120 minutes
State: closed
Type: network
Affected systems: Node vpsadmin.prg
Node node1.prg
Node node2.prg
Node node3.prg
Node node4.prg
Node node5.prg
Node node6.prg
Node node7.prg
Node node8.prg
Node node9.prg
Node node10.prg
Node node11.prg
Node node12.prg
Node node13.prg
Node node14.prg
Node node15.prg
Node node16.prg
Node node17.prg
Node node18.prg
Node backuper.prg
Node nasbox.prg
English: Emergency network upgrade
Česky: Nouzovy upgrade site
English: Upgrade of router-to-switches link to LACP, previously was 2xGig by two separate networks, now it's 2x2Gig.

During the night backups the network would become fully saturated during last few days, so I'm sorry I didn't report this upgrade, but had to do it.
Česky: Posiloval jsem spojeni routeru se switchi z 2xGE na 2x2GE, protoze se nam sit ucpavala po pridani tech SSD serveru. Omlouvam se, ze jsem to nenahlasil predem, mel jsem dneska cestu do Prahy, tak jsem to rovnou spachal.
Handled by: Pavel Šnajdr


Date Summary Reported by
2018-11-01 04:45:06 CET Pavel Šnajdr
State: announced
2018-11-01 05:42:09 CET Pavel Šnajdr
State: closed


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