Outage #503


Begins at: 2019-02-10 01:00:00 CET
Duration: 180 minutes
State: closed
Type: maintenance
Affected systems: Node backuper.prg
English: Move backuper to a new rack
Česky: Presun backuperu do noveho racku
English: We need to feed ZFS with more disks, before we run out of disk space; unfortunately we have to move the whole setup of the 2U system with 4U expander to a new rack (cca 54x 3.5" four-platter drives, above head level in the first rack).
Česky: Musime nakrmit ZFS vicero disky, nez nam dojde misto; bohuzel dalsi disky uz neni v tom puvodnim (nasem prvnim) racku kam dat, takze musim cely ten setup 2U masiny s 4U expanderem presunout do noveho racku (cca 54 3.5" ctyrplotnovych disku nad urovni hlavy...).
Handled by: Pavel Šnajdr, Martin Myška


Date Summary Reported by
2019-02-07 23:09:15 CET Pavel Šnajdr
State: announced
2019-02-10 12:04:07 CET Richard Marko
Finished at: 2019-02-10 03:00 CET
State: closed


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